Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is it Thursday already?

This month has completely flown by me. After my birthday we had inventory and the July 4th holiday. Then I was away on vacation. I came back and jumped right in with the kids' camp routine and work having me snowed under. Then Monday and Tuesday we were off to celebrate Avery's birthday. We planned a trip to Sesame place on Monday but the weather was horrid so we went on Tuesday. Back to work yesterday and now the week is nearly gone.

I completely screwed up the planning for Avery's birthday festivities with friends. I still haven't officially invited at least 2 kids. I haven't really cleaned my house since just before we went to Virginia. I missed a blogger meet-up 10 minutes from my house in the Botanical Gardens with Sharon because I was in such a daze from Friday's Harry Potter activities (finished the book by the way, it so rocked but I am so going to miss those characters). I missed Risa's birthday. I haven't worked on the Knit Blogger's Ring in two weeks. I am a complete mess.

I do have some finished objects to show off amazingly enough. I did manage to finish Rinaldo's book scarf before he finished Harry:

It's pretty cute I'd love to make another but I really hated making it. I'm toying with a one sided version. Hell maybe I'll be really blasphemous and do a garter stitch version, flat. We'll see.

Last night I finished my Loksins:
I am very pleased with them. I love the way the colors work with the pattern, not that you can tell by this picture. I wish it were cooler so I could actually wear them.

I brought swallowtail with me to start on the train but to do a provisional cast on one needs scrap yarn. Somehow I forgot that. I do have yarn in my office (are you really surprised) so I should be able to cast on today anyway.

I spent a fantastic day at Kathleen's this past Sunday. It was her birthday and she had her own knitters' get together. It was a lot of fun and the kids and husband had a blast too. Of course Rinaldo's number 1 fan was there so he got to bask in the glow of her admiration, lol. I got to hang with Kathleen's mom Sue, who I like much more than Kathleen;). Granny of Granny's Shop was there as well as another knitting friend of Kathleen's Marilyn and Ann's buddy Ricki. Her husband Kevin was chef extraordinaire and was kind enough to cook something that I would eat, I'm such a pain in the ass when it comes to food.

I think I'll go work on the ring now, of course I could do the work I'm getting paid to do but where's the fun in that!