Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Miss me...

...I'm back!

At least physically, mentally I am far from it. Vacation was great but the weekend was spent recovering and Monday completely threw me for a loop. It was the first day back at work plus the first day of camp for both boys. Avery severely injured his toe, on the first day! So he stayed home today. Ian had a meltdown when he realized that he had to stay at camp without his dad. When I picked him up they said he had fun and he told me he had fun but now he swears he won't go back (he goes 3 days a week so today he was off). I think I spent more time dropping off and picking up the kids than I did at my desk. Today's been a little better, we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Tonight I take Rinaldo out for his birthday. We're going to see Patty LuPone in Gypsy so that should be fun. Plus a little dinner before hand. A rare night out for the two of us, definitely something to look forward to.

As for a vacation report. I'll start slow today with the knitterly stuff. While in Williamsburg I visiting a lovely yarn shop called the Knitting Sisters:
It was located in this cute little mall called Village Shops. It was very quaint and it was a crafter's dream. There was a bead shop, a needlepoint shop and a quilting shop all right near each other. I didn't explore too much of the rest but I did visit the wine and cheese shop which was great.

Knitting Sisters was a really nice store. It was huge compared to what I'm used to here in the city:

...and even Rinaldo loved the way they showed off some of the store sample sweaters, although they admitted they stayed up there a long time since it was a pain to get up there:
I haven't taken a picture of my purchases yet but you can get a bit of a preview over at Maribel's where she shows off the gifts I got her for housesitting.

There was some excitement the first day. While at Busch Gardens toward the end of the day I was looking for the park map in my bag and I impaled myself with my one of my #2 dpns. It went almost completely through my hand. I could see it nearly poking through the back. Thankfully it didn't quite make it. It barely bled but man it freaked me out. I was completely light headed, faint and nauseous. I know it was really my reaction to seeing it rather than the actual wound. This is what it looked like the next day:

You can barely see it. The muscle hurts a little still but only in the outstretched position. I have to admit though I couldn't pick up my needles for a few days after that. Poor Loksins aren't finished yet because of it. I am happy to say my needles and I have made up now and I've turned the heel on the second sock so all is well.