Thursday, September 07, 2006

Let's see, it's Thursday what progress do I have for you,hmm?




I still have a pole laying to the left of my backyard. I still have no cable, no internet and no phone on my main line. I did have some very nice Verizon guys perform a miracle and get my landline working but no one has that number. I only have it for emergencies and the ADT system.

Verizon says a work order was put in for the pole but it is then farmed out to a contractor. They haven't called me back yet on the status of that. I called Cablevision yesterday to see if they could come out and wire me from a different pole but they can't. Although the guy took a ton of pictures and is bringing them to his supervisor to push the urgency of the situation. He thinks we may be able to get wired from the street like apartment buildings are typically done. He says it's actually better because you don't run into these types of problems with that kind of wiring.

I don't mean to seem like a petulant child. Of course one can live without TV and Internet but I pay a lot of money for those services and I don't see why it isn't an urgent matter to get it back up and running. The neighbor on the left still has cable on one floor and the neighbor on the right only one of her tenants is without cable so I guess we're not a high enough number to matter. The fact that this:
is what you see when you look through the broken section of my fence doesn't seem to matter to Verizon either.

I'm so damn tired from work at the moment and then I get home and I totally frustrated by the lack of progress on the pole situation that I can't even relax enough to knit. I haven't even taken Gyrid with me to work. I'm just too drained. Thankfully the boys are both taking to their new schools like ducks to water so when I get home they are happy and excited to share their days with me. Things could be worse and I realize that. It's just so frustrating with something like this since it's nearly completely out of my control. I can rant and rave all I want but it's all still on someone else's schedule.

...ok rant over, thanks for listening...