Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wow, is it really Thursday? I've been meaning to blog all week but somehow I never got around to it. The cable situation is basically the same, except that Verizon did come and take the pole. Cablevision said to call them when the new pole goes up. Now one would think I would be foaming at the mouth at this point. We are approaching two weeks with no cable service but since I'm a take charge kinda gal I got well and truly pissed on Friday, went to Radio Shack on Saturday and fixed the first floor cable my damn self. All it needed was a new wire to replace the old one that tore apart. The techs won't even get close enough to look at it. The first floor was easy since it broke on the input side, meaning the side that goes from the port outside the house to the port that was on the pole. I can't fix the upstairs as easily because it tore on the output side so I would need to run a new wire up the side of the house through the hole in the wall. I'm good, not that good. This means the TV, the phone and the internet are all back up which makes me a bit more patient for the pole to be fixed although no less angry at the insanely long time this is taking.

In addition to restoring cable service I can also knit from a chart:

Who knew? I seem to get the cable charting a bit better than the lace charting. Of course this is a very basic design so a monkey should be able to follow it nonetheless I'm feeling pretty accomplished at this point.

I started a sock to take to Avery's soccer game and to use for train knitting. I don't trust myself to do the chart while traveling so I needed the simplest of the simple. I had some Magic Stripe hanging around that I wanted to make socks for my good friend Leslie with. Leslie lives in San Diego but there is a textbook conference in the Fall that we usually see each other at so I thought now would be a good time to start:

That was yesterday. I'm a little addicted to the striping. This is where I am now:

I love these stupid socks!

Happy Thursday! Yay I actually have the weekend off and I'm going to the Knit Out!