Friday, September 22, 2006

I got nothing to show today. Which is pretty sad considering everyone's favorite harlot mistakenly linked to little ole me today (she was referring to another Nancy, I'm not sure who but I wasn't at Knitty City, we had run into each other much earlier at the Knit Out). Of course she correctly linked to Chante but she called her Caron. I think the press tour is taking it's toll.

After this Summer's Amazing Lace debacle and the sudden end of the alphabet on "O" for the ABC Along one would think that I would have given up on knit alongs all together. Yet somehow I still answer their siren song.

First up because I have such amazing success with lace shawls (just ask Charlotte, yeah all 30 rows of her) I joined Bronxie in the Swallowtail Knitalong:

I saw this shawl and I really wanted to make it with the Kidsilk Haze I've been hording from the Lion and the Lamb closing sale. I just received my Knitpicks needles so if I manage to complete the charted section of Gyrid (I have about 20 rows left) then I think I will cast on for it this weekend.

I also joined Carol for the Warm Hands knitalong this year.

This one may work out though. I had already planned on making Ian the mittens in Knitting Nature book. I have the yarn I got from Iceland and the yarn my One Skein pal sent me. I love making mittens and Ian loves to wear them. Sounds like I might actually finish this one.

I think I'll end with a bit of randomness:

This kit was given to some of the presenters at the Emmys this year.Click on the Bella Blue Goes Hollywood Banner at the top. Don't we all need some leopard print needles?

I love this story. Talk about women using their power to effect change. You do what you got to grrls...

I love Marjane Satrapi's books. Especially Embroderies. They are making a movie of the first one Persepolis check out the stills Sony put up. Naturally the first one is my favorite.

Aah Friday, it's about time...have a great weekend everyone.