Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So your best friend comes over and hands you this:

You think to yourself, "OMG she loves me, she really loves me, what should I make, oh it's so luscious, I'm in love with it, all other projects are banished until I've finished with this yarn".

Then you realize she just wants you to do this for her:

...and your heart breaks just a little, sniff, sniff, she only loves me for my ballwinder.

Thankfully I still have friends in Long Island who love me. A few weeks back my good buddy Ann had a contest and I won. Now I knew damn well that if I said "fuck" in my entry I would win, 'cause Ann likes it "salty". Still I like my mantra too so I am very proud of winning. I got my prize yesterday:

Dudes, it's a Yarntainer! Of course yarn tamer may be a better name but I have tangled enough yarn in my day that this will definitely come in handy.

There was more:

Interestingly enough when I was visiting Katy back in March I fondled this exact color of Trekking XXL, yet I restrained myself from buying it (only because I was saving myself for Iceland) but today here it is in my hot little hands. Whoo hoo thanks Ann! There were some adorable beaded stitch markers also but somehow I forgot to take their picture. I love 'em though.

Am I knitting? Well sort of. Avery is in Soccer Day Camp at the moment and that involves two trains. That means I don't always get a seat so I've been reading more than knitting. I did get to the first decrease row on Gyrid but she's not much to look at yet:

I'll take her to Florida with me but I'm going to cast on for my second STR sock for the flight. I always prefer to take bamboo or plastic needles on planes, less drama at the security checkpoints.

Yeah it's Thursday! Only 25 hours until vacation...