Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I don't have much knitting going on so I thought I would show off some house stuff or more correctly yard stuff.

This was my yard last July:

To say it was overgrown is being kind. To be fair the contractors did remove the satellite dish and the shed that you might see all the way in the back on the right if you squint. It kind of listed to the right so we decided it should go before we moved in.

This is my yard today:

Nice right? We had landscapers come in and cut down everything so we could basically start from scratch. Rinaldo has been working on the grass since the Spring and it's finally coming along. We got the fence installed about a month ago, by the same guy who did the kitchen for me. He did a great job. Once it cools off we will paint it and the deck.

We have a little play area for Ian (a playhouse will be along shortly):

...and all the way in the back there is Rinaldo's rock garden:

It's not quite finished so I will take a better shot when it's done. We are re-doing the path as well. If you look at the top pictures you can see the stones we have chosen sitting on top of the path right in the front.

I've got some flowers growing in the garden too:

These were some cuttings from my good buddy Gary and his wife Virginia. They are doing beautifully.

These came with the garden:

Last year there was only 1, this year it has plenty of company. So much so that the butterflies the boys and I raised were very happy to get their flying papers:

I'm not always thrilled with having a house, but I always love my backyard.