Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What do you think this is? A knitting blog?

Well actually yes, yes I do and I have knitting to show for it. Not much but some. First up I completed my sock:

It's actually a tad small but it's for me and frankly I don't care. It's pretty and I love it. Obviously I immediately cast on for the second one and have nearly completed it, right? Yeah...no. I've actually tossed about a bit for my next project. Do I do the second sock? Nah just did one. Maybe I should work on Charlotte? No, it's too hot to think that hard. Ok, then a simple lace scarf out of my Kidsilk Haze? Ooh yeah that didn't go well. I need to get some really sharp needles to work with that stuff all I got was a tangled mess with my blunt bamboo ones.

So this morning I cast on for this:

For me, me, me. So far so good. Of course I've only gone a couple of inches so far but I like optimism, it's a good thing.

Damn is it really only Tuesday?

Added later: Everyone is asking where the pattern comes from so here you go. It's in Elsebeth Lavold Designer's Choice Book One: The Viking Knits Collection picked up from Bron a few months back. I'm making it with the Silky Wool that is pictured on her blog. I apologize for being an inconsiderate blogger and not sharing the info earlier.