Friday, July 07, 2006

Birthday Stuff

I know you're all just dying to know how my birthday went, ok well not really but everything is blog fodder right?

Most of the day was devoted to Avery for his graduation, but my knitting group was meeting that night and Maribel made sure everybody was in a celebratory mood...

...she brought cupcakes! This was mine:

Nobody else got the big cupcake with the clown on it, poor things;), it was a birthday girl perk.

She brought my gifts as well. Rinaldo had left all but one of my gifts at work, so I had to wait until Wednesday to get them.

In the end I loved all my gifts:
No comments on Star, everyone needs a little trash in their lives and it is a roman a clef from an ex-wife of Motley Crue's drummer, therefore it is an excellent gift!

The Spenser movies, Motley Crue Videos and umbrella came from Maribel. The bag book, Nancy Drew parody, and Elizabethtown soundtrack Vol. 1 came from the husband (as well as a Wonder Woman t-shirt which failed to show up at the photoshoot, that diva!). The Egyptian mug came from my good friend Leslie (can you tell my friends know I love the Egyptian stuff at the Met) and the Elizabethtown DVD, volume 2 of the soundtrack and Star came from Tisha and the crew at work. I am so loved!

The day before my birthday I got a little something in the mail:

It's my One Skein Secret Pal giftie! A lovely skein of Rowan Denim. I've been wanting to get my hands on this yarn but I kept putting it off until I had a specific project in mind. When I first saw it I wasn't quite sure what to do with one skein of it but my pal was ready for that question. She suggested Topi as she used the exact same yarn for hers. I love that cap so I think we have a winner.

I've actually been knitting too. Amazing huh? Here is my progress on my Red Hot socks for me, using STR "Ruby Slippers":

It's a bit washed out in the shot but they are coming along famously. I am just about at the toe decreases which means I made a sock in a week. That is freakin' amazing for me. Let's see how long it takes to do the second one, ay there's the rub...

Have a great weekend all...