Saturday, April 08, 2006

Well it's been a hell of a week. Ian did get approved for General Ed with Speech twice a week but it was a most unpleasant meeting. I've finally recovered from it so I'll spare you the gory details. I will say it pays to have good friends when your neuroses threaten to get the better of you. As an odd post script to the meeting, when I was waiting in the outer area after the meeting the psychologist came out, I guess she was going on a break. She was the one I was at odds with during the actual meeting. She came over to say the IEP was almost finished (they had to re-write it) but she began to fondle Anouk. Asking what it was, and saying how lovely it was. She asked some obviously knowledgeable questions about the pattern and then asked if she could see it. After looking at it she asked if she could make a copy, I frankly should have told her screw you but I have this thing about appearing to be a better person than I actually am so I told her to take that copy as I had another that actually had all my notations on it. Maybe the meeting would have gone better from the giddy-up if she had known I was a knitter;)

Progress on Anouk has moved along fairly well. Here's another sucky camera shot:
This one was pure laziness as I didn't take the camera to work with me and I haven't taken a better one here at home. I'm maybe a third of the way on the back. It's moving quicker since I made all the dumb mistakes on the first one.

Yesterday I took the day off, to decompress. I should have been starting to pack for my trip but Rinaldo took one of my suitcases on his trip so I used that as an excuse to put it off. I sat on my couch with a really good Bollywood film (they are my secret addiction) and my knitting. Much fun was had by all (or me anyway!). Today I will put Anouk aside and spend the weekend with the doll.

Rinaldo has already landed and is in a cab coming home. Ian is waiting patiently by the window. I'll be ecstatic when this is a two parent household again.

Have a great weekend everyone!