Monday, April 10, 2006

Wow look yet another sucky phone shot...

It's time for me to come clean, the reason you keep getting this horrible blurry camera phone shots is because it's just so damn easy. This morning running around trying to get everything together for work and the kids together for school, I just took the shot and sent it to my e-mail. Couldn't be simpler. Real shots will return, I sure as hell won't waste beautiful shots of Iceland on the camera phone, but for the moment bear with the chaos that is my life!

So it's Monday that must mean there's some more naked doll shots, or in this case half naked doll shot:

The skirt is done. Ok, so is 3/4s of the shirt, there was just no way to show it. You may note, no hair or face or shoes for that matter. That means no sleep for me. This is probably the last shot I will show you until we hit Iceland. There should be some level of surprise left.

It's not looking good for Anouk at the moment but honestly if I can finish the doll by Wednesday I can finish Anouk in Iceland. It's not ideal but that's life.

Happy Monday all...