Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I am a real mess this morning. First Rinaldo has just left for a four day trip to Reno for a conference. Then in a little less than two hours I have to go to meet with the School District about what services Ian will be getting in Kindergarten. If what his teacher says is true then I may have to fight to have him put into General Education as she says that many of the kids in her class have been recommended for Special Ed classes even though she has recommended General Ed. If my friend Leslie is right, she is a speech teacher in a NYC Elementary school, then I will have to fight for him to keep speech because her experience of late is kids are not getting the services they need. I am not thrilled to deal with anything having to do with the kid's schooling by myself as I take it all quite personally, so I am not happy. At least Maribel is coming along for the ride and much needed moral support.

I do have some progress to share. Here is the front of Anouk. I am about an inch away from the bodice decreases:

I should have some good knitting time with no Rinaldo to keep me company in the evenings or on the train. I would like to get the dress done by the weekend so I can devote the weekend to the doll. That means all Anouk, all the time, until then.

Ian has his first school pictures today. In honor of the occasion we got him a haircut:

He's a cutie. He was singing the Backyardigans theme song. It being his latest obsession. Look you even get a little belly in the shot too. Aren't you lucky!

Is it naptime yet?