Saturday, April 22, 2006

Miss me? I'm back!

We got back from Iceland on late Wednesday but I'm still recovering. Jet lag and a bad cold have me laid up quite a bit. Staying out late last night for the Black Eyed Peas concert didn't help much either.

How was my trip you ask? Easily summed up in two words:

Too short!!!

I had so much fun that it is going to take me at least a week to blog about it all, but I will, don't worry. Since I know when you all clicked on the page this morning you were expecting some vacation shots I will give you a very, very small preview of what's to come.

Here is a sky shot for Sandy:

and of course some mountains for Margene:

Since this is technically a knitting blog I'll show you the finished objects right up front. First up is the doll, called Emma at this point since that's what I kept calling her (go visit Maribel to see the boy).

Next up is Anouk. Anouk had to be modified just a bit, since I wasn't actually bright enough to bring the buttons with me. I did i-cord for the sides (I know I said I was doing the dress version but I decided I really liked the room to grow that the jumper version provides). I did find a yarn shop with an amazing selection of buttons for the shoulder though. I also did a heart on the pocket instead of the flower so it matched the doll just a bit.

Of course there are shots of the most adorable baby ever:

and hmm I wonder what could be in these bags:

So tune in Monday, same Bat time, same Bat channel...