Friday, November 18, 2005

Pictures, I Have Pictures

I seem to have appeased the Knitting Goddess and she is once again smiling down at me, well at least she's not ticked off anymore. Here's the Suede bias scarf:

Easy doesn't really begin to cover this one, although any type of chenille is a challenge all it's own since it's a taker not a giver. I'm constantly afraid of pulling too hard and breaking the yarn since that's what I always do to chenille, but Suede is a tough customer and she's doing just fine. Weaving in the ends will not be fun however (I've hidden most of them to protect the innocent).

Here's some finished shots I've owed you. Rinaldo's Socks that Rock, look it's a pair:

The Booga Bag after felting:

I already gave it to my friend Leslie and she loved it. Her birthday is this month and I never remember the date so as soon as I finished it I gave it to her. Saves me the trouble of apologizing for missing the day.

I recently washed and blocked a sweater that had been waiting (and waiting and waiting) to be gifted. We sent it out and it was much loved and appreciated. Check out the hottie who is now wearing it:

That is Ty who is the son of a good friend of the husband's. You may recall the Log Cabin Blanket which was made for him. Isn't he the cutest. The sweater is Mya (scroll down a bit for the picture from the book) for those of you keeping track. I refuse to discuss (with anyone, ever) how long it's been sitting in the basket.

Since we're showing off adorable babies, here's the lovely Asthildur Emma once again modeling that circular blanket made for her:

Like I need an excuse to show her off...

and because I too have an adorable baby (and yes he is my baby and will be even when he's 40), here's Ian wearing a hat I made for Rinaldo 3 years ago:

He stole it from his dad this morning and it looks like it was made for him (yes it fit Rinaldo just fine).

I think I will make him mittens to match...

People don't forget to put your pin on my map. I am far too excited by it, it's a little scary...

Have a great weekend everyone!