Monday, November 28, 2005

Giving Thanks

I had kind of a weird Thanksgiving but a good one. I spent most of the day at home with Rinaldo and the boys just hanging out. I did make stuffing which I was going to take to Maribel's mom's house later that day but otherwise I just sat around watching the parade and lazing about in general. The plan was to go to Maribel's mom's, Rinaldo would drop me off and then he would take the boys to his grandmother's for awhile and they would all come back to hang out with me. The boys ended up having such a good time with their cousins that they didn't leave there until late and neither one really felt like coming upstairs to Bel's once they got back. So I went downstairs got in the car and we all went home. The point of the story is that I had Thanksgiving dinner without my husband or kids. Am I evil because I had a great time anyway?

The holidays are iffy for me since my mother died in October of last year. I am not the most social of people in the best of times so when I'm feeling low I am downright anti-social. Although Rinaldo has a very nice family who I am very fond of only a few of them really feel like family to me therefore I feel I have to "keep up appearances" if you know what I mean. I am not really fond of feeling that way.

Now I have know Bel for (ssh don't tell) 25 years. Frightening but true. There was a time where I was more comfortable in her house than my own. This means that her family knows me and I know them, in good and bad and no appearances need be kept when I hang out with them. At this point aside from my cousin and aunt in Iceland they are the only family I've got outside of the husband and kids. So hanging in the kitchen all evening with Bel, her nephew Danny, cousin Fran and myriad brothers, aunts, cousins and of course Mom, is as happy and safe as I ever feel anywhere outside of my own home.

Of course we all know the effect I've had on Bel. She is an accomplished knitter in her own right in spite of the horrible lessons I started her with, but on Thanksgiving she started working on the next generation:

This is Danny's gorgeous 2 1/2 year old daughter Nyrie (yes, Daddy is just as good looking ladies) checking out her Titi's yarn and needles (we will not discuss the tangled mess they became later) look at intensity of her look, she likes yarn and sharp pointy sticks. We'll have her making socks by the time she gets to kindergarten.

What would a day off from work and responsibility be without knitting, so I did. As I sat in the kitchen I worked away on the farrow rib scarf that I was making for a business associate and check it out I finished it:

(not sure why there appears to be a stain on the upper left hand side but trust me there ain't one, blame the fact that I took the picture at 6 this morning)

Damn I'm good...

Finally because she's such a bad influence I have joined Cara's knit along:

I, of course am using Socks that Rock...Cara would expect nothing less from me...