Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I finished the mittens, see:

One knit along down numerous others to go. I used Gifted from Kate Gilbert. I'm not crazy about them. The second one is certainly better but I double stranded Cashmerino Chunky, instead of using Super Chunky. I think it made the finishing on it sloppy. Certainly my crochet skills didn't help at all. In order to do the thumb you actually crochet the side seam in the middle of making the mitten, so it is already finished when you get back to the hand. Crocheting with double stranded yarn is difficult when you suck at crochet so my seam ended up very lumpy. Overall they're pretty cute though so I think the flaws will be overlooked (and yes one is slightly bigger than the other, nobody's hands match exactly either, so there!).

Speaking of big, here's my completed Ugg Bootie:

Now if only I knew a baby with small tree trunks for legs, then I'd be in business. I'm going to rip out the second one since I haven't done any finishing on it and re-knit it on smaller needles. For now I'm keeping this one, damned if I know what I'm going to do with it maybe just keep it as a charm against hubris.

Just so you know I am still somewhat capable of knitting correctly, here's the cuff on my Jaywalkers:

I think the monkey approves...