Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Veronica Mars is Smarter Than Me*

Actually at the moment everybody is smarter than me. I did the finishing this weekend on one Ugg baby bootie but it seems quite large. Not the foot portion but the opening for the leg (it was not assisted by Ian who insisted it was his shoe and tried to put it on while laughing hysterically). So I put that aside while I pondered fix-it plans.

I mostly rested my hand this weekend which seems to have worked. By Sunday I had no more pain, although it is always stiff when I wake up in the morning which makes me wonder if I'm holding it in an odd position when I sleep. I decided to start on the hat again. I had ripped it out because the bind off was really not working. I gathered my yarn and needles and took it with me to Lion King, which Avery and I went to see on Sunday. On the train I pull out the needles and the yarn, but what's this, no pattern. Now it is a fairly simple pattern, I just couldn't remember how many to start off with. I tried a couple of times and couldn't get it right so there's one afternoon shot.

That night I started it again with pattern in hand and for the life of me, this hat that practically knitted itself last week was simply not coming together. Screw it, I decided to try the beret from Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns instead. I took that with me on Monday. By yesterday evening I had pulled it out 3 times because I seem to have forgotten how to do a 2x2 rib. Ok, this is what happens when you are in the middle of a highly prolific and successful run and you take a break because of a little discomfort. Damn I should have worked through it.

Last night I decided I needed to forget the hat for a bit and do something disgustingly simple like a scarf. So I grabbed the 3 skeins of Suede, balled them up, packed them in my knitting bag and made sure to put the pattern in as well. I grabbed the bag on my way out this morning and sat down happily with my IPOD on the subway this morning. I pull out the pattern to see what color to start with and realized...

I forgot to bring the needles...

*for an explanation of this particular title scroll down to the last bit of dialogue on this page and by the way why are you still not watching Veronica Mars!