Friday, November 11, 2005

Playing Hurt at the CECCC

I am paying the price for productivity. My index finger is swollen and it hurts to move it. Interestingly it doesn't actually hurt to knit but my finger seems to want to stay in that position even when I'm not knitting. I suppose that's a bad thing but as we're approaching the holidays I'm wondering if I should view it as a blessing in disguise. Just think of it:

me: honey you know I can't do the dishes, my finger hurts too much
the husband: but you're knitting
me: yes, because it's the only thing that doesn't hurt

I'm exaggerating the pain a bit, ok a lot, it's really just a bit sore but it is definitely swollen. I'm taking ibuprofen and it's helping. I realize I really need to take a break from knitting but damn I'm on such a roll. Rinaldo's been away at a conference in Reno for most of the week so I've had tons of time to myself. I've nearly finished the booties, I am just finishing up the trim and then I will sew them up. I realize I promised pictures but with the husband away, exhaustion sets in quickly once the children are bedded down, so no dice, sorry.

I did manage to get one picture uploaded last night:

What the hell is that you ask? That was a meeting of the CECCC (Chuck E Cheese Cabling Club) last night. Of course it was the first and probably last meeting. Avery's school had it's annual Chuck E Cheese fundraiser last night and Maribel being the fool I mean friend that she is volunteered to keep me company since I was spouseless. Now in my case being spouseless means that I have to take the bus since I can't drive. She was really doing me a favor. She told me that she had bought some Lion Brand Suede and she wanted to make a scarf but she couldn't find the right pattern for it. I told her, "what about a cabled scarf?". She implied I was insane. I told her socks are way more complex than cables (and we all know that socks aren't all that complex either when you get right down to it). I mean really, I hate charts so I don't do many cabled projects but when it's written out all it really involves is moving stitches and knitting them. It's one of the really cool knitting techniques that is pretty simple but makes a project look really complicated.

So right there in Chuck E Cheese (actually on the bus if we're being honest) I taught her to cable. Now she's off and running. She found this pattern and called me this morning to tell me that it's coming along beautifully.

She's a freakin' cable queen...

Have a great weekend everyone...