Thursday, November 03, 2005

Not much progress to report. I finished the ribbing on Rinaldo's sock but I haven't really picked it up much. On Tuesday I started a Spenser novel and when I do that I'm shot for the next 24 hours (ok more like 12-15 hours). Spenser novels are like bags of potato chips for me.

I had to go for a sonogram on Wednesday morning. A few months ago I went for a mammogram, I'm a bit young for it but since both my parents died of cancer I'm kind of paranoid about it. I had to repeat it because it wasn't clear on the sides. The repeat one was more focused on those areas. The results came back and while there is nothing suspicious they are a bit dense on the sides so for a full analysis they need to do a sonogram. This of course involved a ton of waiting time. That should work out to tons of productive knitting time but instead I spent it with my favorite detective.

I did felt the bag last night. It came out great. It's currently blocking. I'll spare you pictures of that and instead will share when it's completely done. My friend's birthday is in a few weeks so for once I am finished early. I am itching to get started on holiday presents. I have a ton of scarves to do for teachers and bus drivers but I'm aiming for small quick projects this year this way I have a shot of getting most of them done.

Tomorrow I am meeting up with Maribel and a co-worker of hers to visit Seaport Yarn. They now has an online store so you non-NYC people can share the love.