Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I have achieved!

You see before you a finished log cabin baby blanket happily blocking early this morning. Well in advance of the trip it will take tomorrow afternoon to it's intended recipient:

and a close up:

It gathers a bit in the middle, I'm pretty sure that's because I was trying to pick up the specified number of stitches in the beginning. It blocked out very nicely though.

Last night was knitting group at Barnes and Noble. It was our one year anniversary. Maribel provided cookies and cupcakes to make it festive. She even raffled off a few books and one of their summer totes. Sadly the fix was not in, so I walked away empty handed. It was a fun night. I had finished the blanket on the train, but I brought Bob as my back up, so I finished the bottoms of his feet. Now to move on to his head.

I brought the pinwheel blanket with me today, it would be great to get that done as well but I am planning on casting on for Branching Out this weekend regardless. I am so ready for something slightly more challenging but smaller than the blankets I've been carrying around.

As for my secret, it still remains, things are moving forward but there was a setback this morning and that's all I'll say. A summer mystery here in the Bronx...