Friday, December 02, 2005

I haven't gone much further on the socks. I mean it feels like I've knit about a million rounds on them but I haven't even added an inch, so I will spare you a picture. Can I just mention here that I hate size 1 needles? I have no patience in general so all that knitting and so little to show for makes me want to put the sock down and do something like this:

Now that's a bit of progress there.

I cast on [finally] for the Irish Hiking Scarf. It's coming along nicely. It's a really easy pattern. I only needed to look at the pattern for the first row and the eighth, when you cable, after that I can just go on alone. It's also a bit slow for my taste but I knew that with all the knitting and purling. I am so much slower when I have to switch back and forth within a row. I may end up taking a break from this over the weekend to do a washcloth (I just actually wrote sock, is that guilt?) for the student teacher in Avery's class. She's been leading a "literature circle" that he's in and he is very fond of her. A bit of gloating here, they're reading this as I explained to Avery, the students here at NYU read it as well. That puffed him up just a bit.

Ian had his IEP on Wednesday. Interestingly we didn't know until late Tuesday afternoon. Rinaldo and I were both able to make it anyway and although we were warned that the woman we were dealing with was quite nasty, she gave us everything we wanted so I can't complain. He continues with his full day preschool, 2 sessions of one on one speech therapy a week and he will go all summer. Yay!

Have a great weekend everyone...