Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Oh blogger wherefore art thou?

You know it's been a long blog break if Maribel is asking me why I haven't posted. The answer is...laziness. I'm feeling a bit of the summer lethargy coming on. Not to mention that I ain't got much to say. I am just finishing the booties I am making for a friend of Rinaldo's. Which is cool because that is my June Stashbusters project, and no the baby blanket for May is not finished, thanks for asking. I am actually on my third go round on the booties. The first one was made using the Morehouse Merino pattern. You will recall I was not getting gauge with the yarn in the kit so I decided (before I called them) to try the pattern with a different yarn. Did not work too well. I wanted to take a picture but I never did. The bottom half is really freaky. It's far too big. If you tuck it inside itself it looks fine but if you take it out it looks like it would fit a small balloon. So I used a different pattern. The next pair were far too small. Now I went up 2 needle sizes and I am nearly finished with the first one. I should finish the second tonight. I then have to go back to the log cabin because Rinaldo has to take it with him on his business trip the weekend of the 17th. Good luck to me.

Memorial Day weekend was uneventful. I took the boys to the Central Park Zoo on Saturday. Ian loved the Polar Bears and the Penguins. I then took them to a great little playground just past the zoo. There was a giant slide which they both loved but on the second time going up Avery missed the step and slammed into the decorative log. Ouch. He had a very nasty scrape and bruise on his cheek. He is however an amazing brother and did go up one more time with Ian before we went to the first aid station. He's very sweet. We got an ice pack from the zoo and he felt like quite the warrior with his scar. Sunday was spend running errands and Monday we just did a little picnic thing at Van Courtlandt Park. Very relaxing.

See I told you nothing was going least nothing exciting...