Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I have joined another knitalong, but once again I have cheated. I am already two thirds of the way through the project. Larissa (go visit just to see that adorable baby of hers) is hosting a Pinwheel Along. Which is in fact the blanket I am making for my cousin. Ingileif I am trusting you not to go visit this site, since there will be pictures of the blanket in progress there.

I have made great progess on the log cabin... really, I may actually pull this off. Katy saw it and sympathized with me about all the ends that will have to be woven in once I'm finished. That's going to be the issue once the knitting part is done.

Katy and I had a really nice lunch. I even got a manicure, in the middle of the afternoon, on a weekday. I felt quite decadent. I also managed to pay off the two summer camps that Avery will be attending so I was productive as well.

Ann is complaining that her stats are down and I have noticed that mine are down as well. I had put it off to a summer slow down. There actually has been a slow down on posting on my favorite sites which I attributed to the same fact. Ann has come up with some creative devices to help her numbers, they involve sex toys and excrement. I think I need to get creative too, but I can't see how I will beat her.

My cousin sent me this link, which I thought was hysterical.