Friday, June 10, 2005

The day really got away from me. I never post this late in the day.

There's not much to report. The log cabin is chugging along. I am on the second color of the last repeat. Work's been boring. Not much going on after work either. I've been catching up on some TV this week. We watched a mini Dr. Who marathon (Rinaldo downloads the new series because it would be torture for him to wait until they were aired in the states). We saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which I can say was a very well written and well made picture, but I really didn't enjoy it. I did think the ending was the best part, since it was really stating that relationships are never perfect but that doesn't mean they aren't worth it. I also caught the Showtime version of the musical Reefer Madness which was hysterical but very, very odd. I thought it could have been shorter, and could have used a little less, blood, zombies and cannibalism. Yes, you read that right...

I did forget to share a purchase that I made at Costco on Sunday. I bought myself a new lamp:

It's one of those broad spectrum lamps. The light is really amazingly bright. I also notice particularly when I'm reading that my eyes don't get tired as quickly. It was a good deal, only $20, I'm happy with my purchase.

I will leave you with yesterday's Brenda Starr just 'cause I thought it was funny.

Have a great weekend everyone.