Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Last week was a little crazy because Rinaldo was away on a business trip from Thursday to Saturday. I am really not good at the single parenting thing. Overall the kids were good though. I came through with my sanity as intact as it ever was (granted that is probably less than most people's) and both children survived therefore it was fine.

I rented Black Cadillac and Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love to watch while Rinaldo was away. They both feature guys on my top ten obsession list. I managed to watch Black Cadillac (which featured Jason Dohring from Veronica Mars) on Thursday night. It was much better than I expected. I thought it would be supernatural horror stuff but it was really just suspense and some interesting characters. It wasn't great mind you, but I did enjoy it much more than I thought I would. I didn't get to see Kama Sutra until last night, I passed out from exhaustion on Friday. It featured the devastatingly gorgeous Naveen Andrews from Lost. It was very good. I currently have an obsession with all things Indian so that helped a great deal. It was very beautifully filmed and the story and acting were good.

I managed to finished the pinwheel blanket this weekend. I won't show pictures here but you can visit the pinwheel along page as I sent Larissa a picture of the completed blanket. I cast on for Branching Out on Sunday. It has been ripped out 4 times already. The pattern isn't giving me trouble, it's the yarn. I'm using the lace weight cashmere I bought in Maryland. I am having problems with dropped stitches. Normally not a big issue but this yarn is so thin I can't pick them back up. It's very frustrating but I'm ploughing on.

I don't know what else to start. Branching Out is not good traveling knitting so I need a portable to take with me. I may work on Bob a bit but I'd like something a little bigger going on also. Four seems like a nice number of projects to me. I was thinking about starting one of the baby sweaters but I e-mailed Morehouse Merino about my gauge issues with my kit and I have yet to hear anything from them. I guess I'm going to have to call.

Just so I can say I showed you something here is the sweater Maribel just finished. It's this Five Hour Baby sweater:

The hat's adorable too, I can't remember where that came from, but it goes so nicely with the sweater.

Tomorrow there's a bit of a meetup of bloggers here in NYC. I'm hoping to sneak out of work to join in for a bit, but we'll have to see what happens. It's the quiet time here at work but I've been leaving early quite a bit I don't know if I can swing it tomorrow.