Friday, June 03, 2005

So here I was bitching that I had nothing to talk about and then I remembered that I never mentioned the lovely lunch that I had with the crazy fiber lady, Risa. There was talk of knitting and other fiber related matters of course, but mostly mom stuff. It was really fun. I am hoping we do it again soon. It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is for me to sit and talk to a nearly complete stranger when they are a knitter. I am not a social person, which is undeniably odd since I work in retail and enjoy it, yet, I have never had a bad time meeting another blogger. I guess we are just a very cool group of people in general.

I actually had some bad karma due to my bitching also...very bad karma. I finished the baby booties and I went to my knitting basket to grab the log cabin so I could start working on it. The blanket was right on top with the current color I was working on (which it turned out was the wrong color but that's neither here nor there). I then pulled out the large plastic zip lock bag that the rest of the yarn was in, I keep all my projects in bags like this so I can grab them on the way out the door. Imagine my surprise (and disgust) when I found that the yarn had molded! Yes, molded.


I cannot describe how I felt. It was nasty, disgusting and I was very upset because I need to get this blanket done. I have no real idea how the yarn got wet but the balls were extremely damp. There's a number of things that could have happened, there was an incident in Maryland when Rinaldo put an empty plastic soda cup in my bag and later I discovered that there was ice in it that had melted so the bottom of my bag was wet. The blanket was a bit damp but I dried it in the car and I find it hard to believe it actually got in the plastic bag full of yarn. I also worked on the blanket after the trip so I am sure I would have noticed. I know there was also an incident of spilled lemonade in that corner one day when I wasn't home but my mother in law is pretty reliable about this kind of mess I am sure she would have noticed if it spilled into the basket of yarn. And again inside the plastic bag!?! No other yarn in the basket was the slightest bit damp so I suspect it will forever remain a mystery. I did order replacement balls from Patternworks that are being shipped 2nd day and should arrive here at work any minute now, so I think it will still get done in time.

Tomorrow is Tashie's graduation from Cardinal Spellman High School. She will be attending Mt. Holyoke in the Fall. I am so proud of her and amazed at the wonderful young woman she has grown up to be.

Tomorrow I also go to Book Expo. This is basically a bookselling and publishing convention. Tons of free books and author appearances. In fact Stephanie is there today signing her book. Tomorrow I hope to catch up with Debbie Stoller and Debbie Macomber as well as a number of non knitting related authors. I can't wait. Mind you I still haven't read all the free books I got at the last BEA I attended, which was like 3 years ago...

Have a great weekend all...