Friday, March 11, 2005

Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes for Maribel, I forwarded them on to her and they did indeed make her day a bit more festive.

As for knitting, since ostensibly that's what this blog is about, I did in fact finish the first Sockapalooza sock on Tuesday. I took a picture of it this morning to prove it to you but my batteries died just as I was trying to upload it to my computer. Trust me it's done.

I am about half way through the cuff on the second one and it is going much faster than the first. If I can maintain my discipline this weekend and work on it during every free minute I am sure it will be done in time to be sent out Tuesday.

I had my knitting group at Maribel's store this past Tuesday. Much fun was had as usual. One of the knitters, Sonia, brought cookies for Bel's birthday. Chocolate chip and still warm from the oven. They were amazing. I took a break from the sock to spend some time with the baby blanket. It's large enough now that I was able to switch to circular needles so it's going pretty quickly.

I haven't received my package from Patternworks yet. According to their records it was shipped out on the 28th. I do have problems receiving packages from USPS at home, though I don't know why. If it fits in the box it doesn't seem to be an issue but anything larger doesn't seem to get through and they never leave the little slip to tell you to pick it up at the post office. I am going to call Patternworks today and see if they can re-ship it to my office. That's what I should have done in the first place.

For all of you wondering where the beautiful Izzy doll came from. The pattern for her is in this book. Bel said it was very challenging but she gained all kinds of skills that she can now use on bigger projects, like turning a heel and the intricacies of sweater construction.

Back to work and later to work on that damn sock...have a great weekend everyone...