Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Easter and the ER

The weekend was good. On Saturday I was home with the boys. We dyed eggs. It was the first year Ian was interested in participating. Of course after seeing 2 eggs change color, the novelty had worn off, but he did get a kick out of the finished product:

Kinda cute huh? I had picked up the Spider Man egg dying kit and it had all the cool little accessories to dress up the eggs. Ian walked around with the bowl showing it off and saying Spider Man to anyone he could find.

On Sunday we went to the zoo. We spent some time in the Children's Zoo first. The boys had a blast playing:

Then they did the egg hunt that the zoo put on:

There weren't really many animals out because it was so cold but this guy was showing off:

Beautiful isn't he?

I got a little bit of knitting done, not as much as I expected. I finally finished a skein on the blanket for my cousin. Then I went on to another ball for Rinaldo's scarf but didn't get very far.

On Monday Rinaldo's knee was really bothering him. He said it was the worst pain he has had in his knee ever and that's the knee that has always given him problems. Today he woke up and it was just as bad so I made him call out and took him to the emergency room. He recently switched doctors and the new doctor is impossible to get appointments with (I actually switched him back to our old doctor this evening, the wait in his office is forever but you can see him same day). The ER is never fun, I mean where are Mekhi Phifer and Goran Visnjic anyway? It was packed and moving slowly but it gave me ample opportunity to finish another foot on the scarf so I counted it as time well spent. Turns out Rinaldo probably tore his meniscus, that's cartilage to you and me, so he needs to see an orthopedic surgeon. Never a dull moment around here. I didn't make it into work either since the ER took so damn long. I should probably be more upset about that then I am. Oh well tomorrow is another day...