Monday, December 01, 2003

So let's see where we are at the end of the holiday weekend. I completed 2 more gifts. The Fun Fur headband and a pair of mittens (made with LB Wool Ease Chunky). The Fun Fur handband came out beautifully and I am now working on the matching muff. The double knitting does work very well but I was a bit concerned about the elasticity of the band so I knit a 2" end piece in just the Jiffy yarn to put some velcro on. I think this will be helpful particularly since I was using my son's head for measurement instead of the young lady it is meant for. The only weird thing was the fact that the reverse side is what shows. Typically when I have done double knitting I have 2 sides of stockinette. This time I have a side with reverse stockingette and the fuzzy side which you can't tell at all but is reverse as well. I think it must be something about the Fun Fur, and the way it comes through the piece. It's fine though because the Jiffy side was always meant to be the wrong side anyway.
The mittens worked out ok after all the gauge issues. I had really hoped to finish a second pair before the end of the weekend, but I think I was mittened out. So I moved on to the muff last night during Alias, and that is coming along nicely. I think I will work on the remaining small gifts during the week and start working on the sweaters on the weekends when I have longer uninterrupted periods of knitting.

I have to admit to being a bit proud of myself because a lot of my Christmas stuff this year is being made with stash yarn, even if just in part. The Jiffy has been waiting around for 3 years for a project, as has this green camoflage Sayelle that I am using for a co-workers hat. They both came from an Ebay purchase I made when I first picked up knitting again, and as I went along I got a bit pickier about yarn so they were relagated to the bottom of the pile. The mittens were made with some leftovers from last Christmas as will the second pair. All in all I'm pretty happy, and my husband is quite impressed!

I am sending off my hat to Christina at Knitting Goddess #9, for her Hat-a-thon. I had the first hat I ever made still sitting in my stash as it was really too small, but it should be perfect for a child.

I have also joined Alison at the Blue Blog in the Holiday Gift Along. I am hoping it will help motivate me when my enthusiasm is waning. So far so good!

You'll notice I now have a link for comments, man ain't I moving up in the world. Now about those pictures....