Sunday, December 21, 2003

Hockey Knitting

I went to the Rangers Islanders game on Thursday. I am very happy to say the Rangers won! I am also happy to say that I finished the hat I was working on. It was something of a watchcap style for one of my co-workers. I did it in LB's Chunky USA which knits up softer than you would expect. I worked on it all through the game and finished the decreases when I got home.

The next day I was violently ill. I thought it was food poisoning but in the end I was running a very high fever, so maybe it was the flu. I was certainly achy enough once the stomach problems subsided. I was too weak to sit up so all I did was lay in bed, read and sleep. I couldn't even hold my needles.

Yesterday I felt much better so I cast on for a London Beanie, for my other co-worker. I wanted the thinner style hat to fit under his motorcycle helmet. He rides in everyday. It was this Sayelle Acrylic in a camouflage color that I had been trying to use for years. It is absolutely perfect for him. I finished it last night. I am about to cast on for the scarf for my boss. I am very torn about how complicated to make it. I was thinking of a Seaman's Scarf but I googled around and frankly I am not crazy about the style of that scarf in any of it's incarnations. I am thinking about this one Cameron's Scarf from this year's Knitlist Gift Exchange but since it must be done by Tuesday morning I am thinking I need something quick and easy. So we'll see which side of the fence I land on.

I got a bit of a reprieve on the DNA scarf which is the only reason I am allowing myself even the possibility of a another semi-challenging scarf. The intended recipient is away for the holidays and I won't see her until after new year. So I can focus on the toddler cap and one more skinny scarf made from Wool Spun this time. Those have to be done by Thursday.