Tuesday, December 16, 2003

I was devastated last night to discover, as I was 3 /4 s through the second mitten I was making, that I did not have enough yarn. I have never made mittens for men and completely misjudged how much I would need. It is nearly a full ball but I had used some for stripes in the mittens I made for my youngest last year. I was absolutely livid! Thankfully my much more even tempered husband told me to just rip them out and make a hat and so I shall.

Of course I was still too angry and disappointed in the yarn to pick it up again right away so instead I cast on for the Homespun Skinny Scarf was posted to the Knitlist. I am making it for one of the students who work for us here in our office. Tisha is making a scarf for the other student. I am about half way already so I hope to finish tonight and then I will cast on for the hat.