Saturday, December 13, 2003

I've Got Pictures

I finally got up off my lazy ass and uploaded some pictures from my camera. I figured out awhile ago how to get pictures onto the blog but sitting down and loading them onto the PC from my camera, resizing them etc., was just beyond my energies recently. But finally, drumroll please, here is the muff...

and showing part of the inside...


So what do you think? I must thank my son Avery for being a model!

I finished one more mitten. I'm trying to work on my son's sweater as my weekend rule says I must, but this Cotton Thick and Quick is very hard on the hands so I may switch off to some smaller projects as well. I want to add a kangaroo pocket to the sweater but I think I need to do a little research to figure ou the best way. Next time I will just buy the Wonderful Wallaby pattern and not stress myself, but there was a great sale on this yarn.

11 days until Christmas