Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I don't recognize myself

Damn I was productive this weekend. I went through the storage room in the basement and collected 5 garbage bags full of old clothes to donate. We even managed to get them out of the house to the donation drop site. I then rearranged the room a bit so I could put together my sewing table and set up my sewing machine. Are you impressed yet?

I got the house cleaned, that took some ordering around of the male folk as well. I moved some things in the game room so there is more room to move in there as well as there being a clear path to the laundry room which is always an issue. Laundry was done, floors were mopped, clothes were put away. We even had time to get to the movies. Avery and Rinaldo went to see Get Smart and Ian and I went to see Wall-E. I also got to spin, knit a bit and lay around on the couch. Again, are you impressed? I sure as hell am.

Here's where we are with my Summer of Socks project, nutkin:

Bast is not amused.

Lovely no? I really am enjoying the pattern and the way it shows off my yarn.

My spinning, not as successful:

My wheel was fighting me and I couldn't figure out why. My spinning ended up more than a little uneven and in some places severely overspun. I played with the settings a bit and pop went the rubber band. It had pretty much given up the ghost. I'm guessing that's why I was having such issues. A new rubber band solved it. Hopefully the second half of my Spunky Club batch will come out better.

Risa has me hooked on yet another time waster. I've been hanging out on Plurk far, far too much. It's fun but boy that will kill all the productive mojo I've been collecting.

Gina and I have been discussing setting mini-goals for ourselves each week. After such a successful weekend. I've decided to try it. My goal for this week is to finish getting my cds into albums. I have one album left to fill and M - Q to put away. I'll let you know on Monday how that goes.