Friday, July 11, 2008

Re-visiting the Birthday Goals

I've avoided this as long as I could. Why? Well the results were mixed and on some level a tad embarassing. I wasn't quite sure I wanted to share my failures with the world.

Here they are again to remind you. The goals I set for myself to achieve by my birthday. With the result listed below:

1- Apply, yet again, for my learner's permit.

Here's the one I didn't want to admit to. I walked in and took the written test again for my learner's permit. It had been 5 years since I got my last one so I had to take it again. I hadn't picked up the book or gone online to refresh my memory. I've taken it many times and passed with no problem so I wasn't concerned. Guess what?

I failed.

I'm torn. I sort of take it as sign that all hope is lost but I did pick up the booklet and I suspect I will try again soon.

2- Take the Notary Public exam. My grandfather was a notary and for some silly reason I've always wanted to be.

I sent for the application and the study materials but I haven't had a Wednesday free so I can go take the test. I hope to do that when I get back from vacation.

3- Continue with the health kick. The eating habits haven't been great but I have been exercising a bit each day for almost a month. The scale doesn't show much difference but my clothes are fitting a little better.

I wasn't great heading into my birthday but I've been better of late. My morning routine is up to 6 exercises and I'm back on WW as of this week. I've lost the 5 pounds I gained heading into my birthday so at least I broke even on that one.

4- Learn a new skill. I'm trying to learn web development so by the end of the month I'd like to have picked up at least one of the codes/languages involved.

I learned about CSS. Now realistically this was cheating and I knew it. I've played with my blog template enough to know that I had played with CSS but I didn't really get what it was so now I do. It remains to be seen if I can learn something brand new in this online format but I have high hopes.

5- To knit 1 baby kimono, 2 washcloths and one beaded bracelet for gifts.


What are your summer goals?