Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend fun

Much fun was had this weekend. We visited with that Crazy Fiber Lady and those adorable Fiber Twins. My eldest spent most of the day like this:
Since Risa's favorite pastimes echo those of a 14 year old boy my nearly 13 year old had a blast playing with her Guitar Hero on Tour. Thankfully Grandpa got him his own, which arrived yesterday and we were nice enough to let him have early.

He did pull away from the screen long enough to get in some water play with everyone else:
Those are Risa's twins and Avery's head. He had to perform many "rescue" missions to retrieve them from the diving board area.

Even my non-water-loving baby enjoyed himself:
After awhile just having the water ring and a rope was enough. He joined the twins in their game of making Avery rescue them or tortured his father by having him pull him across the deep end of the pool.

I brought knitting but in such good company I never even thought to pull it out. There were amazing burgers and franks from the grill and my new favorite drink Mike's Hard Lemonade or Lime, I can't decide which I loved more. Risa and I sat by the pool shooting the breeze and enjoying each others company. I cannot think of a better way to spend a Summer Sunday.

I had a package waiting for me at home yesterday. I'm enjoying my Buffy yarn so much I decided to see what else was available. I found the Doctor Who colorway:

I decided Avery would love it. Orange and blue are his favorite colors and as Rinaldo put it everyone should have one bright pair of socks. Any suggestions for a nice boy pattern for it?