Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vacation is supposed to be relaxing!

I am more exhausted this week than I usually am during a work week. I took off the week to hang with the boys before my cruise. The weekend was just a little crazed, in a good way but exhausting nonetheless. Amanda, Tisha, Rinaldo and I did Comic Con on Friday which was a blast. We hung out with old friends:

I returned with Avery on Sunday for Kids Day. When we finished up on Sunday I had to rush back home drop Avery off and then Rinaldo and I returned to 42nd street to the BB King Blues Club to see Pat Benatar.

Best. Concert. Ever.

You know how you see someone who you were a fan of 25 years ago and they can't hit the high notes or they seem like their energy was left behind with their cocaine addiction? So not the case for Ms. Benatar. Her voice sounds even better than it did all those years ago, she still rocks out like she has all the energy in the world and the comfort between she and her husband, Neil Giraldo, on stage is adorable. Well worth the price of admission.

Monday, I took the boys on one of those double decker tour buses around lower Manhattan. When I was a kid my cousin Ingileif and her mom would come visit and do all this touristy stuff. I always got to tag along. I feel like I really appreciate my city because of it so I try to do some cheesy tourist type stuff with the boys whenever I can. It was fun.

Yesterday was a trip up to Yonkers for cruise shopping and then home to rest for a couple hours before heading downtown to knitting. See what I mean about the lack of relaxation going on? Today is my day to catch up on household stuff, laundry, cleaning etc. Plus, well blogging obviously. I have an article to type up. I also planned on working on the sadly neglected Knitting Blogger's Ring but Ring Surf did an upgrade and I can't get it working in any productive way. Risa and I are going to have to come up with a plan to keep the ring going.

Two weeks to the day I started it I finished Swallowtail:
and I didn't completely screw it up:
Oh, uh you noticed something different about mine did you? Well the oracle, aka Kathleen had said to me on her visit, "do you have enough yarn?" and the fact is I didn't. So I decided to forgo the peaked edging, which is in fact my least favorite part of the shawl[ette] anyway. I love the way it looks. It is small but it's as big as I expected. Which is perfect for my needs.

So early Friday morning I am flying off to Florida and getting on a boat with my girls. My dear husband will be holding down the homefront and I'll be back for dinner on Monday.

Try not to miss me too much;)