Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Spinning Goth tagged me for the six word memoir meme that's going around:

Never tick off a Bronx girl.

I have to say this was really hard for me. I had to get Rinaldo to come up with it. I'm still counting it as a memoir, it's just ghostwritten lol. There's a funny story about this line. We went to a book signing for one of our favorite authors Greg Rucka. Rinaldo got the book Shooting at Midnight signed. It does indeed feature a Bronx Girl as the main character. When he signed Rinaldo's book that line was the inscription. I joked with him about how apropos it was since I was indeed a Bronx Girl and Rinaldo often suffered 'cause he ticked me off, lol.

I stole this from Susan because it was really cool:

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I love Betty Grable though I don't know how accurate it is.

Ice Queen is finished but I've been too lazy to pin it out. I'll try to get some shots tonight.