Monday, April 14, 2008

What a lovely weekend

It was by far the least productive but most relaxing weekend I've had in weeks. Saturday we lazed around in the morning, went out for lunch and sat in the park while Avery played soccer. Sunday morning was a flurry of activity as we tried to get a weekend's worth of housework done in a few hours since company was coming.

Kathleen came and spent the afternoon with me. I sent all the men away to the movies so we could enjoy adult (and female) conversation. It is amazingly restful just having the luxury of conversation with a dear friend. If only we could do it more often.

There was knitting done but I am not deft at lace knitting while talking so I didn't get far on swallowtail. I did think I was finished with the body of it last night before bed but I appear to have miscounted my repeats. I have one more repeat of the second chart to go before I get to the first border.

Maribel gave her Mom Ice Queen on Friday. Mami had her call me so she could thank me for it. Bel sent me some shots:

It looks great on her. At some point I'll make one for myself.

Back to work, it is Monday after all...