Friday, April 04, 2008

thank the gods it's Friday

I didn't end up pinning Ice Queen out at all. It blocked quite nicely in the wet towel. The picot edging on one side is lovely the other less so but I knew that. Once you put it on it makes no difference. The nice end goes on the neck the other frames the face and it works just fine. It is a bit short but Maribel has deemed that Mami will love it so it's all good:

I started Jeannie for my trip but after a week this is all I have:

Will I get it done in time? Damned if I know. I have about three weeks. I have sped up on it a bit. Getting out my chart holder helped a lot. Balancing the charts on the train was a pain in the ass. Also its basically the same 4 stitches over and over in different order so you can get used to it quickly but it's basically k1 p1 which I am slow as molasses on no matter what the project. I'm still going to try though.

The week has been full of meetings and presentations. I am so glad it's finally over. Tomorrow Rinaldo works but I have to take the boys to a party for a friend's daughter at Build a Bear so that should be fun. I can get some knitting done on the train also.

I know what I'm doing tonight, what about you?