Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I'm still not sure if dear Jeannie will be finished in time, but it looks bad. As far as I can figure it will take me 21 more chart repeats to reach a length of 66 inches. I only have 18 days before my trip and there's no way I can do a full chart's worth of rows in a day anyway. Still I'm hanging in since I've got nothing better to knit anyway, lol.

I've got nothing to show of interest so we'll go a bit random for Tuesday.

My friend Gary blogs really cool pictures. I love this week's. I really need to find out where the hell he found this car!

Have you guys seen this? It's actually available through an Etsy shop. If they have a gold bikini pattern please don't ever tell my husband.

I've been playing Desert Island Disks in my head for the last few days for some odd reason. I figured I should share it with someone. So here is my list. One thing everyone should realize, a very important component of enjoying music is my ability to sing along with it. I love classical but I rarely listen to it when I'm alone because well no lyrics = no singing. If I am on an island alone I will be belting out for all I'm worth. So that was one of my number one criteria for picking these albums.

Too Fast for Love - Motley CrueThe first album is the best, so raw and new.
Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd There are Pink Floyd albums I like better but none that I listen to as often.
Last of the Independents - The PretendersThis is simply my favorite Pretenders album, older, wiser but no less bad ass.
A Night at the Opera - Queen A nearly perfect album from start to finish.
Bella Donna - Stevie Nicks She was never as good solo as she was on this album.
Parallel Lines - Blondie Punk Pop at it's best.
The Very Good Years - Frank Sinatra You gotta have some Frank wherever you go.
American Idiot - Green Day This was a tough choice between it and Dookie in the end this is a more cohesive album so it won out.
Can't Take Me Home - Pink There are much better individual songs on her later albums but I love listening to this one from beginning to end.
Big Chill Soundtrack - various artists This is my favorite album when I need a Motown fix.

I couldn't come up with any of my favorite rap albums to take because I can't sing them. If I were to say add some compilations to the list I would want a Freestyle mix and a hip hop/rap mix but no one album from any artist fit the bill for these. Also I couldn't pick one Liz Phair album. I would need to do a mix for her too.

What are your desert island discs?