Monday, January 28, 2008

There's a million things I probably could have blogged about over the last few weeks but I am at a loss to remember them all. I know I spend a great day hanging with Kathleen and her family. No knitting was done but many embarrassing pictures were taken of me playing Rock Band. I've been catching up on the Knitting Blog's Ring in the evening instead of knitting. My brain is completely fried this rush. I can't even read a book. I've been working on the same one since Christmas break.

I did get my Sox Stix replacement, yay Lantern Moon! They even sent 2 since it must have been obvious I was a klutz:

On those rare occasions when knitting has occurred it has been on my RPMs. I managed to find my Knit Picks needles. You can see how little I've done:

I did bring the camera this morning to take better pictures and to show you Avery's hat but the batteries were dead. Par for the course on a Monday morning right?

Chante pointed out to me that Avery was captured on video, as was she. Check out this video podcast and you'll see Avery doing his own Rhinebeck video. If you really pay attention to the background you'll see Maribel and even me but only my back.

Happy Monday!