Wednesday, January 16, 2008

If it's a drive by post it must be rush at work, right? I haven't knit much at all. In fact I seem to be having a really, really bad run of knitting karma.

I told you about the needle incident on Monday. Carma of Lantern Moon(who is the only good karma I've had this week) is sending me a replacement shortly. Thank you Lantern Moon for excellent customer service just as Sue told me. That's been the lone bright spot.

Yesterday I brought the robe I started for Ian from And So To Bed. I worked on it in the morning. It didn't fit in my bag so I was carrying my favorite little bag that I got from Book Expo. When I left I grabbed it but when I got to the train I realized I didn't have it. I assumed I left it here at work in the bathroom but I don't find it this morning. I've got no freakin' clue where I could have dropped it. I am so damn upset about it. Thankfully it only had a ball of yarn, a copy of the pattern (not the book), my needlemaster #7 and my favorite pen on earth!

It could have been worse, true, but I am seriously upset people, seriously upset.

This week kind of sucks...