Monday, January 07, 2008


That's how I'm feeling today. I was sick last week but it really caught up with me on Friday. I called out and slept the day away. I had every intention of going in for a few hours on Saturday but I didn't wake up until 10:30 so I decided I must need more rest since I never sleep that late. I'm definitely better today but still a bit foggy and queasy. Poor Ian seems to have picked it up so he maxin' and relaxin' at home with Grandma.

I did manage to get those damn buttons on the booties. Please don't point out the different colored thread on the buttons. I'm calling it a design element ok?
They are so tiny. I did the larger size on a larger needles and still, tiny, but babies are tiny for at least a minute or two so I'm hopeful that she'll actually get to wear them once or twice.

Avery's hat has been going slowly. Not because of the pattern, I love the pattern. It's the lady hat that I love so much sans the lacey parts(scroll down it's number 3 the Man Hat) . It's simply that I screwed up at first. I read the pattern as Row 1 - cable Row 2 knit purl alternating and repeat from 1 but actually its Row 1, then 2,3,4 are the same. Yes, I should know better, yes I felt like an idiot. Whatever. I ripped and started again. Then I realized a ball of SWS was actually not enough so I kind of shoved it to the bottom of the bag. Rinaldo kindly ran me by Michael's this weekend and I picked up a second ball. So here we are today nearly at the decreases:

Since I have no issue begging for sympathy. This is the report I need to get through so I can send orders to publishers by 6 today:

...before I start however I need to get through all this crap:
I wish I was a praying woman I could use some divine intervention...