Wednesday, December 14, 2005

For Ann

So we bought the house a little over three months ago and this weekend it finally looked good enough to take some glamour shots. I didn't want to bore those of you who aren't interested so I'm linking them rather than showing them. If you're looking for knitting stuff go a little further down.

Here we go room by room:

First up is the dining room, trust me it is never this clean. It's so freaking huge and I still only have my little apartment table but we make a lot of use of the space. When I finally get my mother's piano out of storage it will go in here as well. Next up the living room. I really couldn't get the right angle to show it off. It's a nice cozy space but not too crowded. This picture doesn't show them off as well as I'd like but here are the pocket doors that slide out from the walls between the living room and dining room. My husband particularly loves the mantels above the doorways. Keep in mind while looking at the kitchen and the other side that I was preparing for a party. Here's the staircase that really sold us on the place (oh look it's the husband at the bottom of the stairs, most days I'm sold on him too). I'm hoping to work on restoring it in the Spring. At the top of the stairs is my other favorite thing, our skylight. It desperately needs to be cleaned but it's very pretty even so. Finally the master bedroom and the other side of the room. Don't you love that recessed area that the TV is in? I am not showing the kids rooms or the bathrooms or basement, they're just not that exciting. Homeowning is just as hard as I expected it to be but there is no denying the peace you find in having your own space and plenty of space for 4 people to share.

Where am I on my plan? Not too bad, here's the real finished hat:

I also have a nearly finished washcloth and will begin another one later today.

Stay warm all of you in the cold states, and I hate you to all of you in warm ones...

...just kidding of course.