Friday, December 16, 2005

Well, it's Friday, let's see how I did:

There are 3 washcloths there, and the yarn for a fourth. Not too bad, that leaves me about a half a day behind. What is that next to them, you ask? The start of a hat, no, no I don't see anything at all. Must be your imagination, yes that's it, a figment of your imagination, a trick of the light. My plan is very specific and there was never a hat mentioned in it so it can't exist.

A bit of a disclosure here, that yellow flower washcloth? Not mine. Maribel made it and since she hadn't used it or given it to anyone she offered it to me to give to the student teacher in Avery's class. You gotta have friends people, knitting friends to be specific.

I have made progress on the last washcloth, since I had the commute from hell this morning. Seriously, I would have had a shorter trip if there had actually been a strike. There was a flood in one of the stations so I had to leave the 4 train, to take a bus to Manhattan to get on the 6 train. This equals me being an hour late, it also equals lots of good knitting time. There's always a bright side.

I've decided at this late hour to join this:

I already planned to have all my projects done by new years this is just an extra incentive. I also declare that the Jaywalkers will not count since I have already called them a 2006 gift. So there.

Here's my list of what I need to finish:

1 washcloth
1 Irish Hiking Scarf
1 Bob the Builder doll
1 Branching Out Scarf
1 pair of Ugg booties
1 figment of your imagination (there is an explanation forthcoming but it's silly so I'll save it)

It's not as bad as many of the other participants so I know I have no hopes of winning the contest. I'm just in it for the fun of participating in something with the word naked in it. Yes, I'm that mature...

Have a great weekend everyone.