Friday, December 09, 2005

Since Cara linked to me today I figured I should show my sad and pathetic progress on my Jaywalker.

Thank you to the Snapple bottle for modeling for me at 5:30 this morning.

I haven't worked on it since Monday so I can only blame myself today for the lack of progress. Although I have to admit that I have decided that it is not just the fault of the size of the needles but also because I am using bamboo needles. I am living in constant fear that I will snap one of them. The kids who were on the middle school tour with us on Monday asked if I was knitting with toothpicks. I'm getting really good at assigning blame on this one.

Of course I'm showing it off because I've got nothing else to show. The Irish Hiking Scarf hasn't been picked up since the weekend and although it's reached about a foot in length it doesn't look that much different than when I showed it to you last time.

The Lady hat, well, I uh kinda ripped it out yesterday, now hear me out before you judge me. I finally got into the groove of the pattern. In fact after continually forgetting a cable needle or a dpn I resorted to cabling with whatever was at hand.

First this:

yes it's a chopstick, I had a pair in the pen cup on my desk...

then this:

a red ballpoint pen

This was going along with varying degrees of success. Finally at lunch yesterday I went here and learned to cable without a needle. This made everything flow so much smoother that it was obvious when you looked at the hat. The first couple of rounds looked very sloppy. I decided since I get it now I should start again, and so I did. Unfortunately I didn't get a seat on the train home last night and then I fell asleep around 9 so I have nothing but a few rounds of ribbing. I'll spare you a shot.

I decided to do Scout's meme. This is my favorite knitting spot in the house:

It's the corner of the sofa, there's good light there, a table in front of me and one in back of me for my tea or hot chocolate and a good view of the TV. Plus plenty of room to put my feet up on the couch (I am incapable of sitting normally on a couch).

Lot's of snow this morning, which translates into shoveling and bus delays I am sure. Oh well at least it's Friday.

Have a great weekend everyone...