Monday, December 12, 2005

It was a good weekend, I wish it wasn't over! I am so not ready for work today, but only 2 more weeks and then it's Winter Break. Whoo hoo!

I did finish the hat last night:

What do you mean it's not finished? Actually it came out really cute but far, far too short. So I ripped out all the decrease rows and will add a few repeats to make it longer. I do really love this hat though. I may have to make one for myself. After the holidays of course.

This week it's washcloths, washcloths, washcloths. I have 4 to complete by next Friday but I also have the Irish Hiking Scarf to finish by then. I figure if I can get the washcloths done this week that will leave all the weekend and next week for the scarf.

Here's the plan:

1- Finish the hat tonight.
2-Start washcloth A.
3-Tomorrow finish washcloth A, start washcloth B.
4-Wednesday finish B, start C.
5- Thursday finish C, start D.
6- Friday finish D, it's also my catch up day in case I blow it on any of the previous days.
7-Saturday go back to Irish Hiking Scarf

Seemingly only school personnel are getting knitted gifts this year. That hadn't been my plan it just worked out that way. If I work on anything during the break I may give some gifts for the new year but we'll see. I really want to finish Bob and Branching out before New Years. We'll see if that works out. I don't plan on keeping Branching Out, it's lovely but so not my style. Hopefully a receipient will come to mind when it is done.

We had a holiday party this past weekend. Mostly people from work. So I was in prep mode all day Saturday. We even sent the kids to my mother in law's for the night. I had a great time and I think my guests did too. In fact I was so busy partying that I didn't take any pictures. I did however take tons of pictures of the house just before the party, while the house was still immaculate (a Christmas miracle if ever there was one). Ann's been bugging me for shots of the new house so I will oblige her on Wednesday.

See you then..