Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I have actually been chugging along on Devan's sleeves. As expected my row gauge is off so I had to alter the increases. After increasing every 6th row about 5 times, I am now doing it every fourth row. I am on the 10th increase so only 3 more repeats to go. I measured Ian's arm and as he is very long and lanky his arm is a tad longer so I am actually going to 12". If it runs too long I can always roll up the sleeve a bit more.
Maybe they'll be finishing going on in the old town tonight...

Now I have 2 little boy sweaters unfinished and one man sweater unfinished so what does any good knitter do...go and buy more yarn.

Tashie's mom was talking about her bathroom and the yellow carpet so I decided to buy some cotton chenille to make her a few of the Reverse Bloom washcloths. I paid a visit to Numei's site and low and behold they had a sale, $1.95 per skein. I bought six.

Of course, later when I showed the yarn to Tashie, she told me that I was confused her bathroom is yellow, her mom's is blue. Thankfully I still have a few skeins of the blue cotton chenille left so I have decided to mix them together. This way they can be used for either bathroom.

Crisis averted...at least until the next one arises...


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