Friday, August 22, 2008

Wow is it Friday already?

Much like my new girl crush Nastia Liukin I am only going to get one gold in the Ravelympics. While I think I did beautifully in the Handdyed Hurdles, I ended up falling on my ass on the Laceweight Longjump.

Here's where I am currently:
There is no way in hell I will finish by Sunday. So that's it and that's that. I have a number of errors in it but at this point I've decided not to frog since I hate frogging kidsilk haze. I had intended it for a gift but if it's too screwed up I'll keep it. It will be pretty regardless. My excuse for not finishing in time is simple. Lace knitting and rush don't mix. The students come back on Sunday and I'm already brain fried. The idea of working with yarn the thickness of thread and reading a chart is far beyond my meager brain power at this point. Sitting in a stupor on the train watching General Hospital and Primeval on my iPod is way more my level of participation for the moment.

I did pick up some books in anticipation of being productive and crafty again. Crafter's Choice has been trying to whoo me back with sales so I finally took them up on it. To my surprise I had enough points to get a book on the cheap as well so I took two.

Something to help me break in my new sewing machine:
...and a recommendation from Gina:
This one is dangerous. There's a number of things I want to make and it's simple enough that I actually think I could.

Weekend plans for me are work on Saturday and collapsing Sunday. What are you planning?