Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday again?

I seem to have become a once a week poster but that's typical for this time of year. Work is going better than usual but it is taking a lot of time to make everything run as smoothly as I like. I figured I could squeeze a post in while my workbuy is running.

I put the lace aside until work is quieter. I may rip back a row or two or I may not. I haven't decided. I may go back to Jeannie before I go back to the stole. Again I am completely undecided. Currently I'm working on some booties for a friend's new grandson:

I'm just seaming them at this point. I want to do another set of Saartjes booties for another baby who was born recently. Booties are great rush projects. Sadly, I seem to have misplaced my Nutkins. I'm not sure where the pattern, yarn and needles went although I have the one finished sock. I wanted to start the other one soon but I'll have to find all the stuff first.

Just to show there are rewards for a job well done, I'll share this story. I had an instructor e-mail me from India last week. She didn't know her course number, section number or anything else about her upcoming class. She wanted to apologize because she was going to be extremely late with her book request and asked if I could order the first book without the information. I found all her information for her and processed her request. When she returned from India she came to visit me and brought these:

It's nice to feel appreciated every once in awhile!

Have a great weekend everyone!